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One thing is for certain, 2020 and all it encompassed, has forever changed the topography of the beauty industry.  However,  not all forced change is bad.  With the birth of the “celebrity stylist”, there marked a slow dwindling death to the service side of the salon experience.   

Kristabelle sought out to change that by introducing her clients to a new and unique boutique studio experience. Her goal being to be able to feature the fundamental aspects she felt were lacking during her time working amongst the household Beverly Hills brand names. 

EVERY client should be treated like a celebrity during their salon appointment. And every appointment should feel like hanging out at a girlfriends house. 

Her Venice studio space boasts all the benefits of a big name luxury salon but with a much more personalized feel. The private suite features beautiful Italian furniture, massaging chair and salon sink, reserved parking, cappuccino/espresso, and of course, champagne.   

It offers one on one private experiences, sanitized to COVID compliant standard between each guest, and of course, she herself is fully vaccinated.  

With this unique salon Kristabelle can cater the experiences to each guest, as though she was hosting a friend in her home.    

A safe, cozy, and customized, judgment free zone with a luxury feel is Kristabelle’s prime focus, and the studio has not disappointed.

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